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hi surjan, just discovered this project and i think it's very interesting. admittedly, i haven't dug through your archives so what i'm going to suggest may have already been addressed. anyways, at a glance, it seems like this floating bar could be adding unnecessary complexity to the manufacturing of this design, as well as unintended weakness to its structure. what if this floating bar was instead replaced by a bar that connects end to end to the existing boundary of the plate. this connecting bar could have holes drilled through it at the appropriate placed that the cords could be woven through. i think this would simplify the construction of the faceplate and inherently strengthen the structure. hope this is helpful!

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Hey Surjan,

I don't know if you're interested in working with anyone, but I'm a mechanical engineer that has been working as a data scientist for 4+ years. I think it'd be super fun to apply a generative approach to the design of the structure of the outer tubing, as well as the structure of the mesh.

I'm not in it for the money, If I end up making significant gains to the project we can talk, but having my own experience in startups I know how presumptuous that is. I just love working on interesting projects with cool people. You seem cool, and this project is definitely interesting.

Feel free to contact me at https://www.danielwarfield.dev

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normal cat eye cages bend all the time....

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