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Hey Surjan, having a blast reading through your iterative design process on this neat project! Reminds me of a similar project I envision in college for "training blades" that could be slotted onto regulation ice skates for beginners (highly doubt there is a real need for something like that lol)

Really cool to see how some seemingly simple experiments can give you unintended results if details are overlooked. I haven't finished the series so these may be answered already; my apologies in advance.

1. I notice the puck in the pendulum setup is rolling down the ramp. Excuse my limited hockey knowledge, but do pucks usually fly "flat" or is tumbling common?

2. The puck on the kevlar cage pendulum drop seems to almost "enter" the cage and land on the crossbeam, thereby partially and momentarily transferring some of the force vector through the pendulum string. Like you mentioned, rotation could also be a culprit. Maybe a more precise puck release/guide system can provide more control with the impact location on the cage. I assume if the pendulum system is made more robust/repeatable, it will only confirm the results from Setup #2.

Keep sharing because this is awesome!

Best, Arvind.

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