May 26, 2022Liked by Surjan Singh

Hi Surjan, your position is a very common one. Make or market there is only one letter difference but they are worlds apart yet inextricably linked. I am a good technician and enjoy fixing things but have tried to turn that into my own business and the business took more time than the repairs and that meant less time doing what I loved. Your situation appears to be almost identical you like the challenge of the engineering of the product but to sell it is a drag. There are few people that can cross that boundary. Keep up the good work.

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Jul 2, 2022Liked by Surjan Singh

Hi Surjan, I really enjoyed reading about your journey of inventing the face shield. I’m an inventor with an engineering background too and it was very cool to see all your creative home tests you came up with! Also happy to see the tremendous Twitter response you’ve gotten.

As far as the business side goes, have you considered the licensing route for this product where a manufacturer essentially rents your idea and pays you a royalty on product sales? Of course, this might be difficult if the product is mainly targeted at a small audience of high level goaltenders…but maybe a larger manufacturer could see the potential for other uses as well, or would be willing to develop this further to meet the HECC requirements.

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